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  1. Reginatofe

    Foot Massage & Reflexology Singapore | Massages of Foot and Reflexology

    893 East Coast Road (S) 459096

    Tel: 6242 0320 or 6225 6225

    Feet Press (??)as our name suggests, specializes in foot reflexology. Our foot studios are where we aspire to pamper you and your feet.

    The foot studios were intricately designed to allow you to fully indulge your senses. The minimalist, contemporary design together with carefully selected soundtracks of various genres all but seek to bring about the most soothing environment possible for you to unwind, rest and recharge at. For those of you who had a long day at work, too strenuous a workout or want to prepare for an upcoming race you now know where to head.

    Whether it s a quick knead to alleviate sore feet or complete restoration of your body s well-being, your needs can be met at Feetpress. We only have one requirement of you sit back, relax, and just enjoy

    You can also get a rub down on those tired shoulders or an aching neck through our FeetPressy bundles which offer not just foot reflexology. but also neck and shoulder massages.

    At FeetPress, we not only want to take care of your physical well-being, but also your mental and spiritual well-being. One of the ways we achieve that goal is to provide books. Plenty of books.

    In our studios, you will find an array of book titles of different genres. Autobiographies, travel guides, novels, puzzle books, magazines, newspapers, recipe books you name it, we (probably) got it. Grab one to transmit your brain and soul into another world while your feet and your well-being indulge in their own. Yes, Feetpress provides food for both the sole and soul.

    As you would have realised by now, Feetpress is not your conventional foot reflexology joint. Sure we press feet, something we strive to be best at but more than just that, we want to personalize your experience, be unforgettable, relieve you, enrich you, know you. We want you to leave with more than a pair of relieved feet.

    Feetpress might just feel better than home.

    Foot Massage & Reflexology Singapore | Massages of Foot and Reflexology

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